Past and Future

DURING his lifetime Bernard Leach became one of the most influential
figures of the craft movement in the 20th century and his pottery in
St Ives was the centre and symbol of this movement.
Twenty-five years after his death in 1979 the pottery is for sale and this
heritage site of international importance is in danger of being lost.
The workshop and kiln area are in desperate need of careful and expert
repair and there is a need for the pottery to once again become a
useful part of the local and ceramic communities.
It is hoped to regenerate the original training ideals of Bernard Leach
by building new workshops for student and practitioner training and in
partnership with Falmouth College of Arts to form an innovative
programme of practical workshop skills.
There are also plans to house an exemplar collection of the work of Bernard Leach together with a study centre. The existing collection will be expanded to show a greater range of work and include earlier pots and more of Leach's drawings and prints.
There will be a new sales area displaying and selling work produced on site by a cross section of selected potters. A programme of selling exhibitions will be drawn up with an ambition to make this an important venue in the South West.

The whole site, including the original workshop and kiln shed will be
open to the public to enjoy its unique character and to get an insight
into the practices and skills of Britain's foremost potter and one of its
leading artists.